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Jan 18, 2013 10:00pm EST
29. half of all cases are people 65 and older. the flu is widespread in all states but tennessee and hawaii, starting to ease in some areas. meantime health officials in maryland have confirmed the first flu-related pediatric death. the baltimore child tested positive for influenza. what's the current flu situation in our area? fox 5's john henrehan takes a look. >> reporter: although some pharmacies like this safeway in germantown had flu vaccine available, not all walk-in patients are always accommodated. >> the sad part about it is cvs and grocery stores don't give it to kids. so that's been our looking around to find out who had it and my wife found this 1. >> reporter: christopher swain brought his daughter gabrielle to a montgomery county health department flu clinic in germantown where the 5-year-old was not convinced this was a good idea. [ crying ] >> you're a big girl. we're all done. >> reporter: even as national numbers of flu-like illnesses begin to decline slightly, health authorities say it is still a good idea to get a flu shot. >> you really need the shot because the
Jan 9, 2013 10:00pm EST
shakespeare or tennessee williams. a book party will be held to honor these newly published student authors. beth parker has their story. >> hello my name is thadius the fourth, i am, well, a very intellectually gifted. >> reporter: his real name is danny he and sarah are portraying children. >> you would be the captain and i would be on the lookout for the evil martian. >> reporter: they are both professional actors but the play was written by a 8th grader. >> i got the idea for my play by reading a lot of books and eating a lot of bacon. >> reporter: once a week the nonprofits take over a student's english class. kids of all ages write their own plays. >> it was cool because it wasn't really about the grade, it was more about just creativity and having fun. >> reporter: young playwrights theatre was founded here in columbia heights 17 years ago they are in schools in dc, maryland and virginia. they have decided to publish a book. >> it is not every day you get to say you have your play in a book, and you know, you don't know who across the country will pick up the book and read it
Jan 2, 2013 10:00pm EST
snow trying to pop through kentucky and tennessee as well as the moisture we're seeing through the deep south which they need and it remains dry. high pressure for us is going to be building in to kind of hold that moisture at bay, but it will also give us that very cold night and a little bit of a cloud deck the next few hours or so. the high slips off the coast tomorrow. we start getting more of a south wind. while it will be chilly, i think we'll get close to 40 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds. some spots may still be in the upper 30s tomorrow, but thursday looks a lot like today, friday 42 degrees. we're definitely staying chilly, but the pattern will not feature any big storms the rest of this week. we've got the cold air locked up through canada, mild in the west, but we're close enough to the colder air we've got to keep temperatures in the 30s and 40s about, even looking into the first part of next week also looks very quiet, but we'll advertise a mini january thaw. that will start to be noticed monday. tonight 26 degrees, partly cloudy, teens possible in the suburbs,
Jan 30, 2013 10:00pm EST
parts of tennessee with strong winds and heavy rain. a 47-year-old man was killed in nashville. he was taking shelter in a shed, but a tree toppled onto it. after pounding the southeast the severe weather system moving toward the northeast. high winds and heavy rain are expected across the region. in new york nan coyman, fox news. -- anna coyman, fox news. >>> here we are in the middle of another roller coaster weather day. it's hot and humid. my hair is going crazy. >> thank you for saying that. i thought what's wrong with this product i'm using? >> this is not relatable for us guys. >> i'm sorry. >> it's kind of a shock. i realize what i don't like about these thunderstorms, although these heavy downpours still coming up from the south and just since we chatted a few minutes ago a whole bunch. flash flood warnings have gone into effect for much of the metro area until 4:30. the concern is we've already had a lot of rain and now another maybe 1 to 2 inches for some of you may still be on the way. so we've got a few more hours to go and the frontal boundary that will bring colder air i
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4